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Custom QR Codes and Graphics

Need someone to create and design QR Code logos for you? Or maybe, you just need the ones you have dressed up. Small Barn can Help! We have been working with QR codes for over a year, and have figured out some cool tricks. Here are  a few examples. Why should you dress up your QR Code?  It attracts attention.  Explain the Code's Function Exposure to your Logo A code with a neat design will get more scans! Customization like the above examples ranges from $8 -- $30 each. Two proofs are … [Read more...]

Record Reviews you Can’t Refuse

Original offer built on Middle Tennessee Music. Due to the large volume of requests and e-mails we receive for features, interviews, and album reviews (among other things), we now offer a Priority Review Package. $20 will put your name, band, or album at the top of our review list and guarantee you are featured on this site. **After purchase, we will contact you with further instructions as well as request links, photos, and other information we will need from you. Redirect to Mid TN … [Read more...]


Services are offered by Small Barn Sound and / or our Direct Affiliates, such as Middle Tennessee Music.   … [Read more...]